Job Description:  Endoscopy Technician


I. Identification

Job Title:  Endoscopy Technician

Reports to: Administrator

Hours of Work:  Full-time

II.         Job Summary

This position will be responsible for working as procedure room assistant, set-up and breakdown of procedure room, reprocessing endoscopes, cleaning of instrumentation, and assisting the Registered Nurse and LPN as needed in the pre/post op area.

III.           Qualifications

  1.   High School Graduate; current BLS certification
  2. Certified Medical Assistant
  3. One to two years of experience in a GI technician role with a working knowledge of Medical terminology and Infection Control guidelines
  4. Previous experience maintaining equipment and ordering supplies
  5. Willingness to travel between endoscopy sites as needed
  6. Job Relationships
  7. Works cooperatively with Endoscopy Center co-workers, physicians and the office staff of the physicians utilizing the Center
  8. Presents a friendly, courteous and helpful manner in all interactions with co-workers, physicians, vendors, patients and their family/escorts
  9. Assists, under the direction of the Gastroenterologist in the implementation of the established plan of care and assists before during and after diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  10. Demonstrates courtesy respect and professionalism through all communication with nurses, families, patients, ancillary staff, and Gastroenterologist.  Collaborates with the gastroenterology healthcare team to ensure quality and continuity of care

V.            Physical Activities and Requirements

  1. Possesses good physical health, capable of working in a demanding environment.
  2. Able to perform the basic functions of the job including extended hours, standing, bending, and stretching with frequent trips to all areas of the Center
  3. Able to lift, and carry supplies and equipment as needed
  4. Possesses manual dexterity, hearing acuity, and visual acuity, which are important to the performance of the job tasks
  5. Speaks clearly and distinctly to perform extensive communication with other staff members, patients, and their families/escorts, Physicians, vendors, and other third parties
  6. Appears professional at all times. Wears minimal jewelry, which will not interfere with clinical responsibilities
  7. Wears scrub attire for clinical duties

VI.          Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Endoscopy Technician include, but are not limited to:

  1. Admitting Role (under the direction of a Registered Nurse)
    1. Brings the patient back to the patient care area to change He/she will be able to hook the patient up to the monitors and turn on the machines, take and record vital signs
    2. Makes appropriate observations within scope of license and training and records the same; e.g. abdomen soft
  2. Procedure Room Role (under the direction of the Gastroenterologist)
    1. Assist the Physician during the procedure
    2. Participates in “time-out” procedures to ensure that it is correct patient, correct procedure and correct Gastroenterologist before procedure begins.
    3. Documents thoroughly, accurately and appropriately for each procedure.
    4. Assist with biopsy and polyp removal, irrigation and abdominal pressure.
    5. Able to set up room, excluding medications, for any procedure.
    6. Cleans and disinfects rooms between procedures
    7. Utilizes appropriate safety measures, e.g. PPE, etc.
    8. Collects, labels, and sends specimens
    9. Knows emergency protocol (within scope of his/her license or training)
    10. Makes appropriate observations within scope of license and training and records the same; e.g. abdomen soft
  3. Recovery Room Role (under the direction of a Registered Nurse)
    1. Able to assist patient to bathroom
    2. Can obtain nourishment for the patient
    3. Knows emergency protocol (within scope of his/her license or training)
    4. Transports patient out of Center with escort via wheelchair
    5. Cleans stretchers and patient bay after each use and sets up for next patient
    6. Demonstrates and uses knowledge of appropriate safety measures.
    7. Makes appropriate observations within scope of license and training and records the same; e.g. abdomen soft
  4. Cleaning Procedures
    1. Leak tests scope after every procedure
    2. Uses Proper PPE
    3. Performs proper pre-cleaning procedure according to protocol.
    4. Knows how to test the high level disinfectant for efficacy
    5. Knows proper procedure for running the AER and/or manually soaking scopes in high level disinfectant
    6. Can demonstrate the proper packaging of instruments for steam sterilization
    7. Can properly operate the autoclave
    8. Knows how to culture the autoclave and document results
    9. Knows to read the print out from the AER to ensure that each scope has undergone HLD for the minimum approved contact time
    10. Keeps the Decontamination Room clean and clear of excess countertop supplies
  5. Care and Maintenance of Equipment
    1. Keeps an accurate inventory of all supplies and equipment
    2. Knows how to operate all equipment in the Center within scope of practice
    3. Can troubleshoot equipment, and do preventative maintenance, such as cleaning, and lubricating.
    4. Keeps accurate maintenance records on all equipment
  6. Supplies
    1. Keeps an accurate inventory of all supplies
    2. Establishes and maintains stock levels of supplies agreed upon by the Clinical Director
  7. Stocking
    1. Maintains stock levels of all supplies in the Procedure Rooms, Recovery Rooms and reprocessing area.
    2. Checks stock levels of linen and alerts the Clinical Director of any need to adjust levels
  8. Other duties
    1. Assists with trash, linen and biohazard waste collection at the end of the day
    2. Assists with the general cleanup of the Center throughout the day
    3. Performs additional duties as directed (within scope of license or training).
    4. Attends all staff meetings and in-service classes on regularly scheduled days
    5. Complies with the various incident-reporting systems of the Center, e.g. Adverse Incident