Department: Nursing


Immediate Supervisor Title:   Clinical Director


Job Supervisory Responsibilities: None


General Summary:   A nonexempt position responsible for assisting nursing staff with basic care of patients, patient flow, and general clinical duties under the direction of the charge nurse.


Essential Job Responsibilities: 


  1. Attendance
  2. Helps nurse to gather medical history information including obtaining information from various hospital and laboratory systems.
  3. Rooms patients in the office, takes weight and vital signs; obtains history from the patient and documents in the medical record
  4. Accurately enters patient’s medications and allergies on the medication list and keeps them current.
  5. Helps stock department equipment and supplies
  6. Takes phone messages for the department
  7. Assist physicians with procedures (i.e. Sigmoidoscopy)
  8. Other duties as assigned.


Education:     High School diploma.  Completion of Certified Medical Assistant Program.  Ongoing maintenance of certification is required.


Experience:    Minimum two years of experience as a medical assistant.


Performance Requirements:



  1. Basic nursing skills
  2. Knowledge of ways to help nurses and physicians in office setting and to maintain a safe work environment
  3. Knowledge of practice management, hospital and laboratory computer systems
  4. Basic medical terminology


  1. Skill in appropriately taking vital signs and weights
  2. Skill in maintaining a clutter-free, organized exam area
  3. Skill in using electronic medical records to check patient history.
  4. Skill in operating the office telephone system


  1. Respond flexibly to changing workload or patient assignments
  2. Use department supplies and equipment in a cost-efficient, effective manner
  3. Communicate effectively as a health care team member
  4. Perform duties of a medical assistant competently


Equipment Operated:  Telephone system at medical practice. Computer hardware/software for access to patient history and medical information databases.


Work Environment:  Office setting, well lighted, good air quality.  Direct contact with patients.


Mental/Physical Requirements:  Requires sitting and standing associated with a normal office environment.  Manual dexterity to perform data entry into the electronic medical record.