Department:  Nursing

Immediate Supervisor Title:  Nurse Manager

Job Supervisory Responsibilities: None

General Summary: The Registered Nurse provides oversight and administration of Biologics and Iron to EPGI patients in the office setting, and coordination of care in the Infusion Center and collaborative care of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients.  Obtains prior authorizations for biologics and managing the care of patients on biologic treatment.

Essential Job Responsibilities


  • Patient assessments and evaluations prior to administration of IV Infusion.
  • Review and implement plan of care per doctor’s orders.
  • Medication record review
  • Administration of IV Infusion by mixing medications and initiating IVs while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Monitor patient status during infusion and manage emergency reactions.
  • Order medications and supplies as necessary for infusions.
  • Document data related to the patient’s care including assessment results, interventions, medications, patient’s responses, or treatment changes using the EMR system.
  • Educate patients regarding treatment plans and follow up care.


  • Assist with insurance authorizations for patients on biologic treatment for new patients and patients on maintenance therapy
  • Ensure patients receive all necessary lab work and medical testing prior to starting and throughout duration of treatment.
  • Enroll patients in any patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies for biologic treatment.
  • Educate patients on financial obligations when necessary
  • Place orders for infusion patients
  • Schedule infusions for patients who are on infusion biologic treatment
  • Assist with any other biologic related tasks as necessary
  • Coordinates care for all Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients.
  • Manages the intake process, the development of and maintenance of patient care plans.
  • Reviews patient charts to ensure patient is compliant and testing is on schedule.
  • Provides care management with emphasis on motivation and engagement of the patient.
  • Reviews patient results and consults with EPGI providers for recommendations.
  • Ensures patients and their families receive education related to their treatment.
  • Reviews, coordinates and tracks all patients referred to the LVH Infusion Center.
  • Works in collaboration with the business office to make sure insurance authorization is timely; helps with identifying payer barriers and works in collaboration for a resolution.
  • Place orders and arrange delivery of all Specialty Pharmacy Medications
  • Complete requisitions for Prometheus testing

Education:     Minimum of 3 years’ experience as RN with current Pennsylvania license. Previous knowledge of gastroenterology/infusion preferred. Current BLS certification. Previous billing or authorization experience beneficial.


  1. Minimum 3 years’ experience in a clinical setting. Must be proficient at initiating IV’s.

Performance Requirements:


  1. Knowledge of electronic medical records
  2. Knowledge of Biologics infusion, complications and side effects


  1. Possess a range of effective communication and decision making
  2. Work closely with Physician, staff and patients to manage plan of care
  3. Ability to assess medical conditions and to know when to seek assistance.
  4. High level of comfort with diverse populations


  1. Able to work in an evolving role both independently and as a team member.