Extraordinary People, Exceptional Care

Job Title: Scheduler

Department: Front Office

Immediate Supervisor Title: Scheduling Manager

Job Supervisory Responsibilities: None

General Summary: A nonexempt position responsible for making appointments for patient procedures and office visits.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  1. Schedules appointments for patients by telephone or at the check-out desk.
  2. Uses computerized system to match physician/clinician availability with patient’s preferences in terms of date and time.
  3. Maintains scheduling system so records are accurate and complete and can be used to analyze patient/staffing patterns.
  4. Ensures that updates (e.g., cancellations or additions) are input daily into master schedule.
  5. Communicates as needed with physicians/clinicians and other staff about any patient concerns/issues related to scheduling. Consults with practice manager about any system problems.
  6. Uses customer service principles and techniques to deal with patients calmly and pleasantly.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


Education: High school diploma.

Experience: Minimum one year of experience in an appointment scheduling position, preferably in a medical practice setting.

Other Requirements: None

Performance Requirements:


  1. Knowledge of medical practice protocols related to scheduling appointments.
  2. Knowledge of computerized scheduling systems.
  3. Knowledge of customer service principles and techniques.



  1. Skill in communicating effectively with physicians/clinicians about scheduling preferences.
  2. Skill in maintaining master appointment schedule via computerized means.



  1. Ability to multitask effectively, dealing with phone calls, in-office patients, staff, and others pleasantly.
  2. Ability to communicate calmly and clearly with patients about appointments in all circumstances including when they are ill or have an emergency.
  3. Ability to analyze situations and respond appropriately.


Equipment Operated: Standard office equipment with emphasis on computer hardware and software as well as telephone.

Work Environment: Medical office or reception area. Exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions related to clinic setting.

Mental/Physical Requirements: Mostly sedentary with some standing, walking, reaching.