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The infusion center is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We currently have patients receiving RemicadeStelaraInjectafer, and Entyvio treatments at our infusion center.  Infusion time varies based on the medication the patient receives.

In addition to offering infusion services at our Allentown Office, we welcome patients to have infusions at other off-site locations in a hospital setting.

Our Infusion Center offers a convenient option for patients requiring infusion therapies or treatments for a variety of digestive disease conditions, such as Crohn’s disease. It is a cost-effective, comfortable and safe alternative for those who need treatment not requiring home health visits or inpatient hospital admissions. The Infusion Center provides a pleasant atmosphere and care from competent and professional staff.

Our infusion suite, located in our office at 1501 North Cedar Crest Blvd, provides care that is prescribed by the patient’s physician. The highly trained professional staff, including the Infusion Nurses, maintains close coordination and communication with the physician throughout the prescribed course of treatment.

Patients can receive their IV therapies in a peaceful, pleasant environment and take advantage of several amenities including:

Recliner chairs
Snacks (complimentary)
Beverages (complimentary)
Cable television
Free Wi-Fi

What is Infusion or IV Therapy?
Infusion therapy is the intravenous administration of medication. IV meds are generally prescribed by a physician when a patient’s condition or disease state cannot effectively be treated by conventional therapies or oral medications. Also, many medications are designed to be delivered intravenously as their only means of treating a disease.

Who do I call if I need to change my appointment?
If you just need to change the time of your appointment, please call
(610) 821-2828 ext 310 between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.

What should I bring with me?
You need to bring a form of identification (driver’s license) and insurance cards for our registration area. Also, please bring a list of the medications you take at home and any medications that you will need to take during the time you are here. Take your medications as prescribed by your physician. If you have special dietary needs, you can bring dietary items with you.

How long will I be at the Infusion Center?
Treatment times vary according to what medication you will be receiving as ordered by your doctor. Please ask our Infusion Nurses how long your treatment will take. This will be an approximate time as multiple factors are involved.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing with easy access to start your intravenous therapy. Also, it is sometimes cool in the Center, so wear clothes that will keep you warm. We also have blankets available.

Can I bring my laptop?
Yes, and there is wireless internet access available to our patients. Televisions are available as well for your entertainment.

I have many questions regarding my treatment. Who will be able to answer my questions?
There is an experienced team of Infusion RNs, all of whom are qualified to answer your questions. We will refer you to your physician for any other questions.

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