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✔ The Management of Acute Pancreatitis
✔ Endohepatology (The role of EUS in Liver Disease) Inadequately Treated
✔ Celiac Disease and its Complications

✔ An Overview of Drug-Induced Liver Injury
✔ Microbial Mischief: Small Intestinal Bacterial
✔ Overgrowth Approach to Chronic Esophageal Dysphagia in Adults

✔ Updates From the Liver Meeting
✔ Endoscopic Diagnosis & Management of Ampullary &
Pancreas Cancer
✔ Esophageal Diagnostic Testing in the Management of GERD

✔ Ascites: Initial Management Beyond Post-Partum Pelvic 
✔ Symptoms that Affect the Gastrointestinal Tract
✔ “What Should I Eat?”: An Evidence-Based Guide to Talking Diet with GERD

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